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About Dipti Bhowmick (Author)


I love to travel and experiencing new stuffs while seeing new places and tasting new foods. I push myself out of my comfort zone and believe me journey brings more spontaneity in my life.It is a part of my life.

The personal growth and the transformation that happens within cannot be express unless you actually feel it. I had undergone a massive change personally every time I travel somewhere.

I really wanted to share all the feelings and excitement which I enjoy in my trips. So, I started ChimpTripper – a travel enthusiast blog for those people who love traveling. And if you are an aspiring traveler then take a dive with my blog. Traveling will change you forever.

I move from place to place and meet new people continuously learning new things, whether it be cultural customs or a new skill.

Here, in ChimpTripper which is under the parent brand cartchimp.com, I write about exciting places, adventurous trips, best way to reach any destination, staying option and essential travel accessories.

Even I write about different tasty foods and cuisines available in a particular place. As a travel blogger I used to taste all the foods on my way and wants to share it with you so that you find places more pleasant joyful.

Let’s Hit The Deck with ChimpTripper!


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